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elusiveat ([personal profile] elusiveat) wrote2009-10-27 09:48 pm

OpenID on Dreamwidth

It's actually very easy to get logged onto Dreamwidth using OpenID. (Although as Squirrelitude notes there are apparently some bugs regarding RSS subscriptions through OpenID.

The following steps are actually rather self-explanatory after you get past step 2, but I included all of them just in case.

Here's what you do:
1) Go to http://www.dreamwidth.org/update
2) Click on the link to the right of the log in text box that says "Log in with OpenID"
3) This takes you to a page with a bit of information about OpenID and what it is. Enter your OpenID URL in the textbox (if you're using LJ for your OpenID, you should be able to use username.livejournal.com.
4) Click the "Login" button, which redirects you to livejournal.com, where you can log onto your account to confirm that it really is you trying to log on to Dreamwidth.
5) Click one of the "yes" buttons.
6) (Optional) Comment here to confirm that it works!

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