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elusiveat ([personal profile] elusiveat) wrote2009-11-12 09:52 pm

Progress report

To do:
1) Create a public-persona username on dreamwidth. Done: http://myfirstname-mylastname.dreamwidth.org
2) Create LJ syndication of public-persona dreamwidth blog. Done: http://syndicated.livejournal.com/myfirstname-mylastname/
3) Make elusiveat.dreamwidth and elusiveat.livejournal into friendslist/accesslist-only accounts. Revision: Leaving posts relevant to LJ -> DW switch unlocked.
4) Cross-post recent public journal posts to new public account.
5) Publicize new account via Facebook.
6) Post future public posts to new account ONLY. Continue to post personal (locked) stuff to elusiveat accounts.

Please comment if you have any thoughts, concerns, or input. If all goes well, I will probably be using elusiveat as a dry-run for potential public posts, and will be soliciting feedback on specific posts at that time.