October 21st, 2017
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October 20th, 2017
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I have a friend coming from out-of-town – from one of those more landlocked places – who would like to go out for seafood. I'm abashed to admit, my answer to the question of where I go for seafood around here is "New Hampshire", which is not compatable with our plans. I am nursing a grudge against Legal, and just about all the places I used to go are out of business.

They're a foodie, will be staying in Somerville, and will be getting around on the T.

Where should we go?
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Baitcon XXVIII
Subtitle TBD

Will Be Held:
Friday, June 29th - Monday, July 2d, 2018*
at the Mountain Campground of the Abode of the Message.

*Yes, we know Firefly starts the next day. We're sorry. These things happen, as there aren't nearly enough weekends in the summer.

Also: Sorry for the delay in this announcement.
October 19th, 2017
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The water pipes in my apartment have abruptly started acting weird: very noisy and comes out sputtering. There seems to be air in the pipes. This started yesterday – first noticed when the toilet tank was refilling with cold water, checked the kitchen taps, and the cold water was doing it there, too. Then the hot water started doing that too, which has me more alarmed: that comes right out of my apartment's water heater tank, so there shouldn't be any opportunity for air to get in it, right?

I called the landlord yesterday, left a message about it. There's construction going on on the floor below me, but I asked one of the guys if they're working on the plumbing and he said no.

It's still doing it.

How worried should I be? What scenarios could be causing this?
October 18th, 2017
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October 17th, 2017
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It was just brought to my attention that per the date traditionally held to be the one on which Luther nailed the 95 Theses to a church door, this Hallowe'en is the 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation.
October 16th, 2017
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I'm not doing regular linkspam posts anymore, but I had a pile of links to file and I thought I'd put them in one place.

Some advice for survivors and those writing about them, Leigh Honeywell (2017-10-12). Some great advice on talking to journalists that applies to situations where you're exposing any kind of wrong-doing.

Donald Trump to become first president to speak at anti-LGBT hate group gathering, Benjamin Butterworth for PinkNews (2017-10-11). Remember when people were saying "at least Tr*mp is pro-LGBT"?

[CW: rape] On predators who won't accept that they are predators, E Price (2017-10-12). "It’s important for men to question whether there are rapists in their midsts. But good men, really feminist men, need to go even further: they need to question whether they have ever been rapists themselves."

Sister Outsider Headbanger: On Being a Black Feminist Metalhead, Keidra Chaney for Bitch (2000-11-30). Good stuff about being in intersecting outsider identities.

We fired our top talent. Best decision we ever made, Jonathan Solórzano-Hamilton (2017-10-12). "Rick was a very talented developer. Rick could solve complex business logic problems and create sophisticated architectures to support his lofty designs. Rick could not solve the problem of how to work effectively on a team." (Other people have rightly pointed out that the author doesn't place enough responsibility on the environment "Rick" was in for allowing him to escalate his toxic behaviors, but the fact remains that some people deal with pressure by seeking help and support from others, while others deal with it by harming others in an attempt to preserve themselves.)

We Warned You About Milo And You’re Still Not Listening, Katherine Cross for The Establishment (2017-10-09). 'The hypersensitivity that reels from “trigger warnings” but thrills to Yiannopoulos’ joyful transphobia, that likens workplace diversity trainings to “gulags,” is what fuels the outrage culture about “outrage culture,” an insatiable rage that can never be sated by giving it what it says it wants. It will merely demand we make ourselves smaller and smaller until nothing of us remains. Reactionary outrage about “PC” is not a philosophy as much as it is a burning sun that demands our compliance as its nuclear fuel, consuming it endlessly until it can feed no more and goes nova.'

America Loves Plausible Deniability, Lindy West for the New York Times (2017-10-14). "When faced with a choice between an incriminating truth or a flattering lie, America’s ruling class has been choosing the lie for 400 years."

A guide to modern Nazi dogwhistles from [twitter.com profile] secretgamergrrl:
"Modern nazi dog whistles- Accusing people of "calling everyone a nazi." Specifically, doing this in contexts where it makes no sense. i.e. shouting "you call everyone a nazi!" when someone is talking about nazi book burnings in the 40s, or "everyone you don't like is a nazi!" in response to a statement like "this is a profoundly homophobic statement from this organization." The hope is that someone listening who has, in a more appropriate context, been at some point likened to a nazi will give some subtle gesture of approval, outing themselves as someone ripe for recruitment. A common variation is shouting "why do you hate Trump!?" when people discuss bigotry in contexts with no tie to Trump."

Cyrus Vance and the Myth of the Progressive Prosecutor, Josie Duffy Rice for the New York Times: "The progressive bombast is meaningless if prosecutors continue to promote the same harsh practices behind the scenes. Instead, voters must look closely at their policies and hold them to high and specific standards. We should ask: Are prosecutors opposing new mandatory minimum sentences during legislative debates? Have they declined to request cash bail in a vast majority of cases? Are they keeping children out of adult court and refusing to seek life-without-parole sentences for them?"

"Fun sexual assault fact: you only hear the stories we can bear to tell." -- [twitter.com profile] sarahhartshorne
October 13th, 2017
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So one reason poker is hard is that a few moments of poor play can be costly. Last night had several of those moments.

A few hours in, I'm in the cut-off with about 140 in my stack, and I pick up QTo. Everyone folds to me and I raise to 10.

That play is ok. I'm late to play, and I'd be glad to steal the blinds. BB calls and the flop is AJ6 with 2 clubs. I bet 12 and the BB calls.

Again, this play is also ok, since the BB might have missed and be planning on check-folding. Check, and betting 7 or 8 would be ok too, though the latter might well be conveying too much information, as it screams "I'm trying to control the size of the pot! because I don't have much!"

Now things go off the rails. Turn card is a 5, BB checks, and I bet 25, BB check-raises to 50 and I call.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. I got myself a free card, and I threw it away. Then when my opponent claimed to super-strong, I called again in the hopes of a gut-shot coming in to take down the pot, on a hand that should check-fold the turn/river.

River 8c. BB checks, I shove, BB calls, shows JJ, scoops up the chips.

So I represented a flush on the river when for the rest of the hand I was saying that I already had a made hand and was not on a draw. Just as bad, my bet of 60ish into a pot of 140 wasn't going to be large enough to have any real fold equity at all.

So, a few moments of bad play and the result was I lose 140 on a hand instead of 22. You don't need a whole lot of those misconceptions to have a negative night. I had easily a half dozen. Now as it turns out, I was eventually able to buckle down and have a marginally profitable session, but bad play really cut into the bottom line.
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It is rare for me to remember my dreams. Rarer still for the ones I do remember to be about anything other than sex. But when I woke up this morning, reverberations from one of my favorite Shakespeare speeches was in my head:

"The quality of mercy is not strained.
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath: it is twice blest;
It blesses him that gives and him that takes:
'Tis mightiest in the mightiest: it becomes
The throned monarch better than his crown;
His sceptre shows the force of temporal power,
The attribute to awe and majesty,
Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings;
But mercy is above this sceptred sway;
It is enthroned in the hearts of kings,
It is an attribute to God Himself;
And earthly power doth then show likest God's
When mercy seasons justice. "
October 12th, 2017
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I have a domain for which I don't have any sort of privacy protect - it's for my business, so I have my business info attached to it and am happy to have it public (free advertising!).

But when at the commandline I do whois mydomain.tld the record that comes up is very terse, and has no information about me or how to contact me at all:

   Domain Name: [mydomain.tld]
   Registry Domain ID: [REDACTED]
   Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.enom.com
   Registrar URL: http://www.enom.com
   Updated Date: 2015-10-[REDACTED]
   Creation Date: 2011-10-[REDACTED]
   Registry Expiry Date: 2021-10-[REDACTED]
   Registrar: eNom, Inc.
   Registrar IANA ID: 48
   Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
   Registrar Abuse Contact Phone:
   Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited https://icann.org/epp#clientTransferProhibited
   Name Server: [REDACTED]
   Name Server: [REDACTED]
   DNSSEC: unsigned
   URL of the ICANN Whois Inaccuracy Complaint Form: https://www.icann.org/wicf/

That's what I get from both my mac terminal and the shell at my hosting company.

Adding "--verbose" doesn't change anything.

When I go elsewhere, say to whois.domaintools.com, I get the whole record I expect to see.

What's going on here, does anybody know? Is there some way to convince my local whois to return more full records?
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If you want input into Dreamwidth's API, it's under discussion over on [site community profile] dw_dev for imminent development work.

If you have an interest in that, go check it out immediately, and chime in.
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Years ago, I came across a passage that I seem to recall was attributed to Einstein, from a private letter written to a young mathematician, about how the world is filled with more seductive scientific/mathematical problems than a person can tackle in a lifetime, so one has to be careful to chose the right problems to work on.

I cannot find it; it doesn't seem to be in the books that I had thought I'd seen it in. I'd like to find it again. I tried googling "einstein's letter to mathematician" and discovered that he apparently carried on a voluminous correspondence with every living mathematician at the time. Brute force searching isn't going to work.

Does anybody happen to recognize this passage by description?
October 11th, 2017
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I just ended my eight-year relationship with Sparr.

He did not do anything I would deem abusive, I consider him safe to date and interact with and will be attempting to stay his friend, if that's something we can do.

I don't want to talk about it any more than that right now.

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One of the things it is important to be able to do at a poker session is understanding how the game is currently being played at the table you're at. Sometimes its constant throughout a session, and sometimes it ebbs and flows as different things happen to various players. I capitalized on that ability a bit last night with what I hope you'll find to be an interesting situation.

I'd been playing for a few hours, and my image was my usual "old tight guy who always has the goods". In fact, I had bluffed several hands that session - I'm pretty sure my table image helped persuade people to fold. Regardless, at just this moment in the game, the more conservative players were to my right, and the young, relatively inexperienced players were on my left. They were starting to get bored, and so raised with more and more marginal hands.

Three people limp in front of me, and I take a look to see 77. My three options are limp, raise small, and raise large. (Duh!) My thinking is that I can induce some action by just limping, and sure enough, the button calls, and the big blind raises to 15. The three limpers in front of me call, which is a mistake for the last of them, since he only has 30 left after the call - he should fold or shove.

I decide to reraise to 100. The point is that while the BB might well have a premium hand, his range is very wide, and so most of the hands he will hold are not premium hands, and he now has a problem - check raises are usually strong, and he thinks I'm not the sort of player to be fooling around. So he thinks for a face-saving amount of time, and reluctantly folds. Everyone except the short-stack does too. That guys tosses him his last 30 and flips over QJ suited. Mission accomplished - I'm in a race which is essentially a coin flip and there's a decent amount of dead money in the pot. My 77 ends up holding up, and in the aftermath pretty much everyone chimes in that they'd have beaten me if they had found a call.

There are two common scripts that can happen at this point, and it's important to pay attention to which one you get. Plan A, people grumble about what a ridiculous play you made. When you get that one, you can be pretty sure folks are going to come after you for the next few hands, and the daring bluff plays aren't likely to work so well.

But I got Script B: "Nice play" - and they meant it. What that generally becomes, at low-level play at least, is a continued license to steal judiciously. Yes, they all saw that I made a play that was not ABC poker, but they also took away "what that guy does works". That's a wonderful image to have at the table.

A cautionary word here that many of you already know - my poker blogs show me in a good light, though some inadvertently highlight subtle mistakes I make. To accurately gauge my skill, I'll note that I play in the lowest level games, for the twin reasons that poker has higher variance than my stake could stand at higher levels, and that entry level players are much, much, worse than players even one step up, and my win rate is significantly better than 5x the big blind/hour that is the mathematically sound practical max one can normally expect from having a 5% edge over the rest of the table. In fact, I rate myself as a journeyman approaching the middle rank, that assessment is more likely to be optimistic than it is to be self-deprecating.
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[CW: abortion, rape, and the politics thereof]

I have a theory about why the actively anti-abortion right clings to "abortion is allowed only in cases of rape or incest", and it took me down a different path than I expected.

I don't think it's about the Overton Window. )
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  • I'm not transgender as in "we need cis allies", I'm transsexual as in "fuck you".
  • I'm not bisexual as in "here's my 5000-word thinkpiece on why that doesn't mean I'm not attracted to non-binary people", I'm pansexual as in "I don't eliminate potential partners based on their gender".
  • I'm not "gay" as in happy, I'm queer as in "fuck you".
  • I'm not liberal as in "universal acceptance and inclusion is possible while including fascists and white supremacists", but rather, anarcho-communist as in understanding what the Paradox of Tolerance means.
  • I'm not poly and kinky as in "understand my bizarre tendencies", I'm poly and kinky as in "almost everyone's conceptions of family and sexuality would benefit from radical change."
  • I'm not mentally ill as in "I need to be changed into a different person from who I am", I'm neuroatypical as in "other people need to accept the person who I am."

Go forward, do no harm, and take no shit.
October 10th, 2017
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Today the cat got to go to the vet. She doesn't mind the vet itself so much, but getting there and back is an exercise in cat torture. The box is no fun. The box in the car is even less fun. And then just as she's recovering she's back into the box and into the car again. Luckily now she is at home where she can hide, but I expect she's not talking to me for at least the rest of the afternoon.
October 9th, 2017
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He called me a palimpsest
As he put his own marks over the traces of bruises
Left on my breast
By another boyfriend, on another day.

And I smile and tilt my head and ask
(because I was sure I knew the word, until I was asked to define it)
"What's that?"

A new document written on top of an old.
Like teeth marks and welts
Bright red on fading purple-green.
Like kisses on lips
That yesterday kissed another.
Like a love that doesn't go away
Just because I've loved before
And doesn't erase the feelings I have for him or him or them or her.

And I am a palimpsest
I am so many layers of so many stories
Built on my skin, a stack of memories
of touch
and caress
and bite
and kiss
Each their own moment.
Their own gift to my body.

A new document written on top of an old.
Not erasing

And I know I am loved.
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Via [personal profile] conuly: "We Don't Do That Here", by Aja Hammerly:
I have a handful of “magic” phrases that have made my professional career easier. Things like “you are not your code” and my preferred way to say no: “that doesn’t work for me.” These are tools in my interpersonal skills toolbox. I find myself uttering phrases like, “right or effective, choose one” at least once a week. This week I realized I had another magic phrase, “we don’t do that here.” [...]
Short, highly recommended.


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